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PAT testing is conducted routinely across the United Kingdom on electrical appliances to ensure their safety. UK’s health and safety regulations dictate that electrical equipment, especially those meant for commercial and industrial uses, have to be tested regularly. The results of these tests are made available clearly on the equipment using PAT testing labels.

Considering the importance of this procedure, many manufacturers have ventured into making PAT testing equipment. Consequently, there are ample makes and models available depending on your use. Some of the leading manufacturers of PAT testing equipment and PAT tester kits include Seaward, Martindale, Kewtech, Fluke and Megger.

Seaward offers the most number of PAT testing equipment and test kits. Its offerings include the Primetest 50 priced at £205, Primetest 100 priced at £295, Primetest 250 priced at £379, Primetest 300 priced at £745, Primetest 350 priced at £899, Europa Plus PAT Tester priced at £674, and the Supernova Elite priced at £879.

While the Supernova and Europa testing kits can conduct 25 amp earth bond tests, the Primetest series does not offer this advantage. Similarly, while Primetest 50 cannot perform the earth leakage test, the touch current test and gauge the substitute leakage, the others in the Primetest series, the Supernova kits and the Europa kits can perform these tests.

A few common tests conducted by all three series include earth test for IT equipment, other earth test currents for 200mA, polarity test for IEC leads and extension leads, insulation test and fuse/continuity test. 

This manufacturer has four popular testers – the EasyPAT 1600 PAT Tester priced at £325, EasyPAT 2100 PAT Tester priced at £489, MicroPAT Plus PAT Tester priced at £569 and the HandyPAT 600 PAT Tester priced at £325.

While the former three testers can conduct 25 amp earth bond tests, the HandyPAT 600 PAT Tester is not equipped with this feature. While they have a host of other common features, all four are not equipped to undertake the touch current test, the portable RCD test and to test Bluetooth connectivity.

Kewtech offers less choice with just one leading model, the Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester. Priced at £295, it can handle most common tests like the earth test for IT equipment, other earth test currents for 20A, insulation test, polarity test for IEC and extension leads, and earth leakage tests.

Two of Fluke’s leading models of PAT testers include 6200 PAT Tester and the 6500 PAT Tester priced at £555 and £639 respectively. While both these testers can conduct the basic cycle of tests, both of them cannot gauge load/run 110V items or perform portable RCD testing and flash tests. 

Megger offers two tester kits – the PAT 320 and PAT 450 priced at £495 and £965 respectively. While both models are equipped to perform a range of basic tests, they can also perform the fuse/continuity test, the 230V & 110V appliances tests, gauge substitute leakage and conduct touch current tests.

There are many good reasons to carry out pat testing:-

  • Compliance with the very latest health and safety regulations
  • Risk of fire and injury from portable appliances is minimised
  • Compliance with ISO9000/1 and BS5750
  • Satisfy the requirements of your insurers – if you’re not sure about this check the small print on your employer’s liability policy!

But probably the most compelling reason to have your equipment checked is to consider the likely consequences if you do not have the testing done and one of your staff were to be killed or injured!

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