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When properly cleaned and the user instructions followed, microwave ovens can last for many years without any serious issues, most often they simply burn out after several years of use sometimes lasting 20 or more years is well taken care of. However, there are times in which microwave ovens can leak radiation and cause a potential hazard in the home to those who may be vulnerable, such as those who have pacemakers for example. This is where having microwaves tested can be very important in knowing whether they are safe for use inside the home. Most microwaves may leak a little radiation and that’s quite common. In almost all cases the radiation leaks are quite small and harmless even if you are using the microwave repeatedly. However, a microwave that is leaking large amounts of radiation can cause burns on the skin and even cataracts, so it is important to recognize the early signs that you might have radiation leakage. A gap between the microwave door and the unit itself: Normally the microwave is sealed tight and does not allow any radiation to escape. Furthermore, a microwave should not operate if the door is not sealed shut but sometimes it can if the gap is small. Check your microwave all around the door area for any gaps. The smell of electrical wires burning: This is a very familiar smell and readily apparent if your microwave has a leak and is burning wires or panels on the edge of the unit. If you smell this odor while the microwave is operating, it is more than likely leaking and you should dispose of it properly. However, not all microwave radiation leaks are that obvious and smaller leaks can create health problems that you may not associate with the microwave. So having your microwave tested occasionally is generally a good idea. For a small fee South West PAT Testing can come over to your home or business and make a simple test. We can also check your Appliances too with a PAT test at the same time.

There are many good reasons to carry out pat testing:-

  • Compliance with the very latest health and safety regulations
  • Risk of fire and injury from portable appliances is minimised
  • Compliance with ISO9000/1 and BS5750
  • Satisfy the requirements of your insurers – if you’re not sure about this check the small print on your employer’s liability policy!

But probably the most compelling reason to have your equipment checked is to consider the likely consequences if you do not have the testing done and one of your staff were to be killed or injured!

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