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Why it’s so important to choose the right electrician.

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As with gas installation, it is vital that you find a professional to deal with electrical matters in your property. Electricity is a clean and efficient ‘miracle’ energy source that we all take for granted, but because it is so powerful, it is also potentially dangerous. Wrongly installed, damaged or out of date electrical equipment and wiring is a danger to life and property, both from the potential from electric shock and the fire hazard that it poses.

Fire Services estimate that around 20,000 domestic fires a year in the UK are stared by faulty electrical appliances or wiring. The problems that start these fires are often not known about or understood by the untrained eye. An electrician could advise you of any potential ‘pinch points in your home’.

Death by electric shock is a real danger in the home too, there are scores of deaths caused by electrocution each year in the UK and thousands of injuries. Sometimes this is owing to people handling electrical equipment wrongly, but it is also true that incorrect wiring puts people in danger while they go about their ordinary activities in the home.

To keep home electrics safe and efficient, you need the services of an electrician who is properly qualified and who, in all their work, adheres to government legislation, so that electrical work in your house is safe and functions efficiently.

In the domestic environment, we can undertake all electrical work. If you are re- wiring an entire house, we can happily take on your project. If you are uncertain about the wiring in your house and think it may be getting a bit ‘elderly’- (a house should be re-wired at least every 25 years, and, in any case should be checked every 10 years) - call us in so that we can help you plan the replacement wiring.

Contact us if you want the electrics in a refurbished or new build property. We can design your electrics from scratch, with your input so that you have the lights, sockets etc you want, where you want them.

On the other hand, we can do jobs which are far smaller but which still require a qualified electrician, tasks such as installing an electric cooker or fire or providing you with a power point suitable for using, your mower and other power tools in the garden.

If you are suspicious that an appliance such as an oven or a fire is not working correctly, you see scorch marks on any sockets or wires/sockets feel unusually hot or smell strange - don’t delay – get the problem looked at, it could save your life and at the very least a fault can be corrected so that your home is running as efficiently as it can.

With many people who have not been landlords before now owning buy to let properties it is also important to note that the responsibility for the safety of fixed electrical appliances and wiring falls on the landlord. There is legislation in place in this respect - UK National Standard BS 7671 (Requirements for Electrical Installations) and so this is not a choice but an obligation. Speak to us about ensuring that your buy to let is compliant with the regulations, safe for your tenants, and that you are pre-empting damage from electrical fires in your precious investment property.

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