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Why does my organisation need PAT Testing?

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As a person in charge of running a business, organisation or institution, you may be thinking that PAT testing is just yet one more piece of compliance red tape that you have to put up with in the running of your organisation. There are, however, many good reasons why regular testing of your appliances should be carried out, apart from just meeting legal requirements. Faulty electrical appliances contribute substantially to the thousands of fires and to the thousands of injuries through electric shock (and the fatalities that can occur in either case) that occur in the UK every year.

Your organisation could not function without its electrical appliances. They are vital to every area of its operation, from computers and other office equipment to kettles and microwaves. You do not necessarily have the time or the expertise to ensure that all of this equipment is still working properly year in year out and this is not something that is at the forefront of your worries when running a busy enterprise. Wear and tear on equipment used daily - and often rather abused by rough handling- takes its toll on the equipment itself and its power conduit. Wiring and plugs work themselves loose and flexes (and the wires they contain) can become damaged.

In offices up and down the land, computers, dictation devices, overhead projectors, stand- alone air-conditioning units, printers, shredders, desk lamps, franking machines, electronic scales and other portable electronic office equipment, as well as the office kettle, microwave, fridge and water cooler all rely on electricity and these will all need testing from time to time.

In a care-home or other residential environment, there are demands in the kitchens, administration offices, cleaning services, laundry, communal areas and in clients’ rooms. Additionally, depending on the level of care offered, there also powered beds, lifting aids, and electronic medical equipment such as blood pressure testing equipment.

A restaurant or bar contains many portable electrical devices. Kettles, food processors, mixers, blenders and other such electronic aids should be checked regularly, cleaning equipment such as dishwashers, vacuum cleaners or floor polishers also need to be checked.

If you run a bed and breakfast or guest house, you run administration offices and a kitchen with all the resultant gadgets and have daily demands for cleaning and laundry which rely heavily on portable electronic equipment. Don’t forget the items in the guests’ rooms which run on electricity too, items such as hairdryers, TVs, kettles, minibar/fridges, irons and trouser presses.

Think of the number of electronic devices that a modern hairdressing salon uses, infra-red dryers, hot air hairdryers, straighteners, electric trimmers/razers – all of which are often all working at once during busy periods. Additionally, there are washing machines and tumble dryers for towels, as well as the facilities laid on for the comfort of the staff such as kettles, microwaves, fridges etc.

The simple solution for any business/organisation is to have your electrical appliances tested following a regular routine, by efficient but thorough professionals. Let us take this charge of this problem for you.

Great bunch of lads, did a great job on my christmas lights, I had to have them back to do my electrics. As seen on Jamies Chef series.

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South West Pat Testing did a good job. The price was fair and we will always use them in the future.

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South West Pat Testing went above and beyond and tested our equipment out of hours.

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